Our Network was founded in 2004 to assist Expat English Speaking mothers in Florence and Tuscany. We know how hard it is to move to another country, let alone with little children. We hope to give you the information to ease your moving and living experience here in Italy with our site.

Wonderful Interviews with Some of Our Moms

Florence Birth Stories

This is part of an ongoing interview series that shares the experiences of ex-pat moms who have given birth in Florence. The aim is not only to tell their stories but also to provide pregnant foreign moms with an informational resource on the different birthing options in Florence and what to expect, from natural home birth to fully medicalized hospital birth and everything in between. Keep reading…

Expat Mom Stories

Coming to another country by yourself is challenging enough; coming with a family is a move that takes a lot of planning, patience, love, and so much more. Read the stories of moms that have done just that and moved to Italy with their families. Florence, Love, Joy, and Pain: A.B. wanted to share her story, Keep reading…

Children In Firenze

Raising children in Firenze is what this group is about. We have newborns to teens living with us here in Italy and it can be a daunting task when you are a foreigner trying to make your way doing everyday tasks. Keep reading….