Raising children in Firenze is what this group is about.  We have newborns to teens living with us here in Italy and it can be a daunting task when you are a foreigner trying to make your way doing everyday tasks.  It is hard enough at times to be in your home country let alone live in a place you might not know the language or culture.

Florence with Kids by Kimberly Daniels

As the first days of Spring arrive, thoughts begin to turn to outdoor activities and new things to discover and experience with the kids. Well, at least they do for me! There is a rumor that Florence (and Italy in general) is not a good place for young children. Sure, museums can be boring, and…


Salima Qureshi-Biagiotti is an American speech-language pathologist living in Florence since 2004. She has volunteered to write a column on language development in regards to Bilingualism.

From Bump to Baby by Danielle

I had my first baby in August so spent the summer checking out places to give birth. I only looked at hospitals but there are also private clinics like Villa Donatello. I was surprised to find that no hospitals offer gas and air, it’s an epidural or nothing!

To Dry or not to Dry… that is the Question by Mary Loscerbo

To Dry or not to Dry… that is the Question by Mary Loscerbo I recently bought a new electro-domestic that has changed my life….well, actually it re-changed my life. I come from Canada and was born in ‘68. As long as I can remember, my parents have always had a dryer. Washing clothes was never…

Is Your Child Scratching?

Is your child SCRATCHING? Again it is that time of year when you get the note in the diary that there have been some kids in the class that have lice (pidocchi). There is no way you can avoid getting one of those notes. It seems like every class has children with lice. The most…

So I had my baby…now what? By Jill

Many of us moms here in Florence find it overwhelming to be not only pregnant….but also figuring out the bureaucratic interworking of giving birth in Italy. Many of us probably never thought beyond the actual birth process…so let’s get started!

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