Is your child SCRATCHING? Again it is that time of year when you get the note in the diary that there have been some kids in the class that have lice (pidocchi).  There is no way you can avoid getting one of those notes.  It seems like every class has children with lice.  The most that can be done is to check your child. If they are discovered you need to treat. Not just the child but the whole family and house.  By the time you realize that your child has them they have spread around.

Way to check:

Use the lice comb and go through their hair section by section starting at the top and work down.  You really need to look at the scalp and check the comb for the eggs, nymphs and full grown.  If they are discovered you need to treat. You cannot just treat the child, you need to treat the whole family and house.

Treatment: 3 Steps

1) There are many treatments out there to use.  Go to your pharmacy and ask for one.  The important thing is that you use the shampoo and then repeat 7 days later.  This 7 days later is very important or you will end up with them all over again.  The 7 days later kill the nymphs that hatched from the eggs that didn’t get hit by the shampoo.  You must use the lice comb it is the only way you can scrap the eggs off and catch the little buggers.

2) Also what is important is remove all bedding (that includes all the stuff animals and favorite blankets) All has to be washed in 60 degree temperature.  That will kill the eggs and lice.  Also, if you cannot wash some items like stuff animals put them in air tight plastic bag off to the side for a week.  That will kill off the lice.  Lice need the blood from humans, if they don’t get it they will die.  So after a week it is OK to give back the stuffed animals to the child.

3) Vacuum the couches, chairs and mattresses.  Vacuuming helps to keep the eggs and lice that drop off also away from their food source.  Again this is a must.

If you follow these 3 steps you will have gotten rid of the lice.  But to keep them away you will need to prevent.

Seres Spray di Pid by Derbe


There are a few things you can do to prevent re-infestation.  First.  Girls tie up their hair.  This keeps the hair away when they play with other classmates.  Boys keep hair short.  Also, there are some sprays that can be used.  I will mention the one we use so far (knock on wood) it has kept them away.I use Seres Spray di Pid by Derbe.  It is all herbal and we spray it on every morning before going to school.

That is all on this topic.  I am now itching from the thought of it.

3 thoughts on “Is Your Child SCRATCHING?

  1. Vince Bernardo

    Hi Moms,
    Head Lice is a problem not just in Italy, but everywhere.
    We have recently developed an innovative FDA-Cleared & CE-Marked Medical Device
    called the LouseBuster Device. It is safe, effective, and chemical-free. It kills over 95% of live
    lice and nits (eggs) in a simple 30 minute treatment. We are looking for
    Entrepreneurial Moms across Italy to become service providers to treat children
    in their neighborhoods. – Please contact me with any questions – Skype:

    1. firenzemom Post author

      Yes girls seem to get it more, but both boys and girls can get them. The notes come back constantly to all the kids in the class asking to check the heads. This stuff seems to work in keeping them away.


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