All of us know that it can take a lot to survive a plane, train and even the car trip with children.   A few moms in the Expat group were asked what they do to keep the peace.  Here are their answers:


Zurich Airpot Nursery


“In the Zurich Airport there is a fantastic ‘nursery’ for children.  I stumbled upon it by accident a few weeks ago on my way back from New Zealand with my 19 month old daughter.  It is a wonderful space for children of all ages to play, sleep, be changed, eat, etc.  There is everything you can imagine, from toys, to books, high chairs, 5 changing mats, wipes, microwave and a very helpful woman who runs it. With direct flights to Florence, it makes it worth flying SWISS.”



“Bring snacks!”

by Deborah


“Don’t expect them to amuse themselves until they are old enough – a bag of small ‘junk’ toys that they have never seen before works wonders – to take out at regular intervals. Colouring books, puzzle books for older ones – fiddly things to eat that require lots of (easy) unwrapping, like small separate sandwiches wrapped in kitchen paper and then foil and then a bag. Stuff that doesn’t sticky, no chocolate! Drinks with straws to save spills. I think trains are the easiest of all the options, with planes the worst. And even for those parents dead against them normally – video games work wonders!”

by Susan


“Roald Dahl story CD’s… long enough to keep ’em quiet for a good old while and good enough not to drive the parents crazy listening to them.”

By Sarah

“DVD player, new toys, alcohol, wine, snacks, crayons..but mostly DVD player…”

By Erin


“iPod Touch with lots of children movies and games. Did the trick for us when we travelled to Perú.”

By Tatiana


“I’ve personally been travelling by planes and trains a lot with two under 4-year-olds. I think train’s a lot nicer option than a car especially with small children who want to be able to move. Of course it depends where you’re heading etc. But city-to-city, I always prefer the train.

My advice for the plane: 1) book, if possible, only straight flights. Avoid need to change planes. Saves A LOT of energy and nerves. 2) Try to fly on mornings / afternoons instead of evenings / nights. That way the kids and yourself too will more likely be most energized and in best mood. 3) If you need to travel to / from the airport for more than one hour, consider if it would be wise to stay overnight somewhere near the airport and fly or move further by train or car only after that.” By Henna


“Make sure they are starving – like that you spend at least half an hour eating and then have an exciting new toy for the rest of the trip – preferably one that takes a while unwrapping and figuring out 🙂 “ by Pia


“Depending on the age of the kid, airlines that have individual TVs at every seat can be a lifesaver.  Bulkhead seats are a must if you can get the bassinet (under 12kg baby) and are more spacious on the floor for toys, snacks and napping. I used homeopathic drops to make my kids sleep last time (they worked for one kid but not for the other).  Pack a meal for yourself, the timing of the plane’s meal may not jive with your kids naps/feeding, etc.  I put my sons’ favourite music on my ipod and let them wear the headphones. I even had travel speakers for the bassinet!”  by Christine


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