Get out and enjoy the fun as a family or in groups at many of these different Activities.  You can even set up a date for a group get together.  Many places offer discounted rates for groups.  (Rainy days go to the movies, pool or ludoteche)

Movie Theaters

Odeon Original Sound Programme

They play movies in their original sound.  They even have at times the children movies.

Odeon Cinema

Piazza Strozzi, 2, 50123 Firenze – Italia
tel. +39 055 295051  fax +39 055 210954
orario segreteria: 8.30 – 13.00 14.00 – 17.30


POOLS open to the general public in Florence & surrounding area

  1. Piscina “G. Raspini” – Rari Nantes Florentia
    Lungarno F. Ferrucci 24 (near the ponte San Niccolò) / Tel: 055 681 2141
  2. Piscina Comunale “A. Franchi” – Rari Nantes Florentia
    Viale Maratona (at the campo di marte stadium) / Tel: 055 500 2225
    Both are fairly large indoor pools with “acquatizzazione” classes for babies and kids to age for and “corsi di nuoto” (proper swim classes) starting at age 5. This is what one mom said about the “A. Franchi” pool.:
    “It is an indoor pool, 25 meters. Among many other things, they offer ‘acquatizzazione’ courses for infants and young children (up to age four). They fill the 25 meter pool with floating toys, balls, floats, water wings, etc. The child must be accompanied by one adult. There is a changing table in the pool area, which is very convenient for babies. There are also playpens in both locker rooms. The courses always fill up, and priority is given to people who attended the previous session.”
  3. Nuovi Amici del Nuoto

Via del Romito, 38/b (north west side of town) / Tel: 055 483951
It is a 25 metre, 6 lane swimming pool and very clean. Swim lessons, Acquafitness classes. Acquatizzazione class: 11.15-11.45 Saturday.

  1. Micropiscina Comunale “ISOLOTTO” Nuoto Club
    Via B.Bandinelli / Tel: 055 710 479 / 739 8079
    Classes for children and adults and free swim.
  • Piscina Comunale San Marcellino – Fiorentina Nuoto
    Via Chiantigiana 28 (near Ponte a Ema) / Tel: 055 653 0000 / 653 0001
    Acquatizzatione: 6 months to 4 years. Children’s swim classes: starting at age 4. Aquafitness classes, classes for mommies to be, etc.
  • Piscina Comunale “Paganelli” (Novoli)
    Viale Guidoni 208 (Le Cupole) / Tel: 055 4379787
    Classes for children and adults and free swim.
  • Micropiscina Comunale “Don Minzoni”
    P.zzetta Cav. di Vittorio Veneto (Via Locchi) / Tel: 055/430349
    Classes for children and adults and free swim.
    Via dei Marignolli / Tel: 055 6583501
    Classes for children and adults and free swim.
    Via dei Caboto / Tel: 055/410681
    Classes for children and adults and free swim.
  • TROPOS (
    Via Orcagna, 20/A (near via Gioberti) / Tel: 055/678381- 679746
  • Virgin Active Firenze
  • Klab

These both also have other types of classes for children (dance, fitness, basketball,etc.)

FOR POOLS LOCATED JUST OUTSIDE THE CITY:  Look under the “piscine in provincia” section.


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An Italian site of where the ludotece are Ludoteche a Firenze: dove e perché

A ludoteca is basically a place where you and your child can go to play and meet other children, participate in a workshop or (in some cases) borrow toys and books. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All toys you use must be put away when you are finished. Also, often times the small pieces to a game or a toy are held behind the counter by the staff, so if a toy looks like the pieces are missing, just ask, they probably have them stored somewhere for safe keeping.

In the city center (north side of the Arno)

Ludoteca Centrale “La bottega dei ragazzi”

Closed for remodeling.

Ludoteca il Foligno

Via Faenza 44a (near San Lorenzo Market)
Mon/Wed. 3-6:30
Tues/Thurs.10:30-1, 3-6:30. 055780216
Fri. 10-1

Only children 3-11 are allowed

Ludoteca Giamburrasca

Via Palazzuolo 35 (near the Station & St. James Church)
Tel. 055/210092
Mon-Fri 4-7:00

Available for parties. Closed in August.

Ludoteca La tana dell’Orso

Organize various workshops, but a fairly small structure. Outside they have lots of room to play with toys

Viale E. de Amicis 21 (near the Campo di Marte train station)
Tel: 055/2767452
Mon-Fri: 9-12:30, 2:30-6:45. Sat. 9-12:30, closed July and August.

Ludoteca il Castoro

Fairly small indoor structure. No outside play area. They organize weekly workshops, starting at age 3, but the workshop space is very small

Piazza Artusi 23, Viale Giannotti (literally right next to the “Centro Gavinana Coop”)  Mon-Fri.: 4-7Sat: 9:30-12:30, closed in the summer

Circolo Andreoni

via Antonio D’Orso 8

Not your typical Ludoteca, but a cute space with a small park for children and adults.  They have a cute ‘Parco Gioco’ loaded with play equipment, that is fenced in…so no worries of running into the street.  There is a bar inside where you can get drinks and restroom facilities.  The Circolo also has courses for children 4 and up.  Can be reache by bus 17, Verga 1 stop.  For more details visit

Oltrarno (south side of Arno)

Ludoteca Nidiaci

Via della Chiesa 48 (near Piazza Tasso)
Tel: 055 291560
Mon-Sat: 3:30-6:30.
Tues&Thurs.: workshops for kids. Very large Indoor space & very nice large outdoor playground

Ludoteca Internazionale “La MonDolfiera”

Via dell’Anconella 3 (near the playground across the river from the American Embassy) Tel:0552767124
Mon-Fri: 4:30-6:30 Mon, Tues, Thurs: children under 5 years old.
Wed, Fri, children ages 6 to 11.

Very nice staff and not too crowded. Fairly large indoor space and very small outdoor garden. Frequented by many of the English speaking moms. The staff generally tries to organize some kind of activity for the kids every day at around 5pm.

Ludoteca Albero di Alice

Corner of Via del Cavallaccio & Via Cadore (near Warner Village movie theater)
Tel:055/780216 Mon-Fri: 4-7.

They have special workshops and story time for children of different age groups depending on the day and a huge garden/park outside.

Ludoteca La Carozza di Hans

Via Modigliani 101(Isolotto area, near Villa Vogel)
Tel. 055/7877734
Mon: 2-7 Tues-Fri. 9.30 – 12.30, 2-7 Sat. 8.30 – 1.30

One of the biggest ludoteche in Florence. Morning is great because there aren’t the huge crowds of kids and parents in the late afternoon. A large outdoor garden that is used in the summer. Lot of activities for various age groups.There are many nice- sized rooms divided with age-appropriate toys, i.e. one room is geared for the very small fry, one room has play castles and bigger toddler toys, one room is exclusively (you must remove your shoes) for the ball pit and has mats and the like, etc. They also loan out books and even games. They have classes and workshops.

Outside of Florence


Casa del Popolo in Fiesole

“there is a fabulous Mother and Toddler group that meets every Tues and Thursday mornings from 1030 – 1230 at the Casa del Popolo in Fiesole. It is free entry and a really nice bunch of Moms and kids that go. They also have one for after school for the older kids on a Wed afternoon from 16.30 until 18.30. I have never been on the Wed but I think that they do lots of crafts. The people that go are a real mix of nationalities.”

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