You just gave birth and are wanting to make your child a US citizen.

Here is where you need to look for your forms.

newborn docs

The Consular Section in Florence  issues a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) to U.S. citizens born in Italy. This is the equivalent of a U.S. birth certificate. Reports of birth are done by appointment only and require the child’s presence.

Report of Birth Abroad –

  Consular Report of Birth Abroad

us-passportPassport for you newborn:

“As of February 1, 2008, the two-parent consent requirement for all passport services was extended to include all children under age 16. Either both parents must be present to provide signatures at the time of passport application, or in the event one parent cannot attend, s/he must send a notarized statement of consent and valid identification.”

First Time Applicant –

ss card

Social Security Card for you new born

Best to apply for this at the same time with the passport and CRBA

Application for a Social Security Card for children under the age of 5  form SS-5

A few more helpful links then when you have all the forms filled out and pictures taken make the appointment with the Consulate Office in Firenze/Florence 

Fees and forms of payment

Checklist for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad

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