Comune Firenze

Because some can close or have special holidays you should always check before you go.  Also, if you have not gone in a long while look at where the new offices are located.

I noticed that there is a play area for little kids at Parterre Cubo 1 P.zza Liberta which is always open.

Some things to note if you need photos for ID or there documents at the Punti Anagrafici Decentrati.  You can use the photo booths that are around.  The cost is 5 euros (does not give change) for a set of pictures.  The extra pictures can be used for US passports as well etc.

Photo Booths Around Firenze:
  • Porta Romana
  • the piazza across from the Esselunga on Via Pisana
  • the corner of Via Ghibellina and Via Verdi
  • one outside the post office in Piazza Della Repubblica
  • Esselunga Canova Shopping center on the main walk way of the main street

Let me know where more are and I will add to the list

If you need a list of what you need for the Carta Identita look here:

Carta d’identità (information of what you need)

C.I.Assenso_con_annotazione_genitori.pdf (Allegati- needed for consent  of giving  identity card valid for expatriation of his son )

Punti Anagrafici Decentrati (PAD) – Sedi e orari

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