Your doctor gave you a “richiesta di analisi del sangue”

Blood work sheet

Do you need to get blood work done but do not know where to go?  You are part of the public system.  Here is where you can find a list of the different places in Firenze to get your blood work done.

Analisi cliniche zona Firenze

Some notes when going to get blood work done. If you have on your request has tests like:

  1. Anticorpi antipiastrine (antiplatelet antibodies)
  2. Curva glicemica (blood glucose curve) Many pregnant moms need this so check your sheet
  3. Materiale biologico (feci, urine e urinocultura ecc) (biological material (feces, urine and urine culture etc.)

These tests are urgent and you need to get select the button for that one or if there is no button selection go to the check-in desk because you have to do a test then wait and they take more blood. The biologicals might need to be refrigerated right away so again these are urgent.

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