Coming to another country by yourself is challenging enough; coming with a family is a move that takes a lot of planning, patience, love, and so much more.  Read the stories of moms that have done just that and moved to Italy with their families.

  • Florence, Love, Joy, and Pain: A.B. wanted to share her story, where she talks about why she chose this city as her home, and how she fell in love and gave birth to her beautiful daughter.  Because she is currently involved in a custody trial, we will protect her identity by only using her initials in the following interview.

  • From Vancouver, Canada to Florence, Italy: Gina Mazza lives in Florence with her beautiful 7-month-old daughter and her husband, Alessio.  Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Gina wanted to share the story of her coming here and how she overcame some of the cultural differences she encountered when settling in.

  • My Story: Rebecca Hamblin: Moved here from Britain in 2011 with her husband and two children- Emily, who’s 5 and a half, and Edward, who is almost 3.  We moved here because my husband was offered a position with GE (General Electric), whose oil and gas division is in Florence.

  • My Story: Elsa Rich: She is one of us who has struggled to feel at home here.  She is a 35 years old French woman, married to an American, and has two children, Leonie and Milo – aged 3 and 2.  They have been living in Florence for two years.

  • My Story: Mary Loscerbo: Mary Loscerbo moved to Firenze, Italy, in 1990 from Canada after receiving a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the U of Toronto.  She traveled all this way because she was granted a scholarship to learn Italian and study with a renowned singing teacher.  Living here in Italy for 23 years, she has fallen in love with the Italian lifestyle, climate, and food. 

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