A Cool Summer Camp


I was contacted on Facebook about a really cool summer camp for children ages 11-14. Space camp!!!

There is a unique summer camp, a week full of aeronautical activities, and two real flight simulations! Are your kids interested in airplanes, drones, piloting, and flight simulators? This summer camp might be perfect for them.

E-STATE IN VOLO è il Campo Estivo dell’Istituto Tecnico Aeronautico “Lindbergh Flying School” di Firenze dove i ragazzi trovano un ambiente accogliente come in una piccola grande famiglia.


🛫 Located in Firenze, E-STATE IN VOLO is the Summer Camp of the “Lindbergh Flying School” Aeronautical Technical Institute. They are the only ones in Tuscany to offer the opportunity to experience a week in the summer of flying! They take them to fly on a Tecnam P92 Ultralight and on a Cessna 172, a unique and exciting experience that will give them wings in complete safety.

🍽️ The camp is in Italian but lunch is in spoken English.

⚽ Some sport activities after lunch

👨🏼‍🏫 Also, assisted study sessions with our professors (in the morning before the start of activities).


‍🚀They will receive the Final Flight Certificates and will take home the model aircraft they have built!

SUMMER CAMP E-State in Flight ’22

Hours are from 8:30 to 17:30

Dates Available:

Week Alpha 13.06 – 17.06

Week Bravo 27.06 – 01.07

Week Charlie 04.07- 08.07

Go to the site for pricing.

🛫 Sign up now by registering here: Space Camp

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