Water Restrictions for Firenze

We all knew it was coming, the restriction of water usage. We have not had rain for months. Any significant rainfall that we last had this year was in January. Many towns around Tuscany have already gone under water restrictions. Though the Arno still has water, it is best to restrict the usage to sanitary use of the water.

How can you water your plants and garden when there are water restrictions?

  • Dirty water for plants: Plug up your sink and tub and when you shower or wash your hands, rinse veggies, fruit, and plates. This type of water can be used. **You must be careful of the amount and type of chemicals: only use regular soap and stay away from the water with cleaning agents.
  • A dehumidifier and airconditioner make a type of distilled water. The plants can have this water as well. Do not drink it.
  • Packaged foods with liquid: for example, mozzarella. Just drain the liquid right in the plugged sink. Cooking water: even pasta water (watch the amount of salt). Cool and use.

I have been doing this for a while now, and it works great. I have bought some tanks for the AC unit drippings of water. I plugged up my sink. I like mixing the two types to help break down the soap and other issues of using one over the other. No, I do not have enough to water my garden, so I have to select plants that are really struggling, but it works great for the balcony plants.

Let’s Pray for Rain.

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