This is part of an ongoing interview series that shares the experiences of ex-pat moms who have given birth in Florence. The aim is not only to tell their stories but also to provide pregnant foreign moms with an informational resource on the different birthing options in Florence and what to expect, from natural home birth to fully medicalized hospital birth and everything in between.


Florence Birth Story #1: Kim and Ariel at the Centro Margherita

Florence Birth Story #2: Lisa and Matteo at Torre Galli Hospital

Florence Birth Story #3: At Home Birth

Florence Birth Story #4: Jonnel, Niccolo’ and Gabriel

Florence Birth Story 5: Kate and Livia at Ponte a Niccheri

About the Author of the series:
Michelle Tarnopolsky is a Toronto, Canada native who’s lived in Florence for over ten years. In addition to raising her son with her Florentine husband and working full-time, she blogs about navigating motherhood in Italy from a feminist perspective at Maple Leaf Mamma (  Cross-posted at Made in Italy.

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