Cara Domings a Private Music Instructor living in Florence

cara MatteoI got to meet Cara Domings, a 25 year old female American singer/songwriter and private music instructor, when she came to do a piano lesson for my son.   She studied under Dr. Faina Brayanskaya in Boston, who is a Russian pianist with a unique, holistic approach to teaching.  This approach involves working closely with the student’s personal musical goals and focuses on expressiveness, channeling inspiration, and most importantly, enjoying music. Cara balances her teaching with hands-on strategies (such as using vivid imagery and touch to learn and remember) and uses a mix of resources (instead of one series of books, for example). She likes to see exactly where each student is coming and works closely with them to gain positive trust as their mentor and to challenge them in healthy ways.

I have to say I love her approach and interaction with my son. My son loves music and has gone to a Music School but was getting bored with the putting a book in front and studying like in school.  He is very auditory with music and loves to play music more by ear. I liked the fact that Cara asked him questions to see if he was understanding and figure out what he already knows. She interacted with him in seeing what his capabilities and desires were. He wanted to continue playing after she left instead of the usual I did my chore attitude he would get with other instructors.

Cara teaches private music lessons in Florence to students of all ages and am currently accepting new students. She teaches guitar, piano, voice and songwriting, both in Italian or English.  She is very passionate and positive individual. She has been living in Italy for the last five years and is currently residing here to pursue her studies in Italian language and culture, which is her second passion. In addition, this year she wrote and released a single from Nashville, Tennessee, which you can hear by going to this link Though the piece has a country feel, Cara plays and teaches all styles and genres of music.

To contact her for lessons:  email is and phone is 3317798505

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