Integrating Essential Oils into your family life

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Have you heard of Essential Oils?  These oils are used for many things throughout your life that help benefit the health of your family.  For example diffusing various different oils to help with good sleep, relaxing, concentrating while doing homework. Lavender can be used for scratches, skinned knees and burns. Tea Tree is very helpful in preventing LICE. You can also use lemon essential oil for cleaning..and there is a wonderful oil blend called Thieves that we have started using to protect our immune system and fight colds etc. Basically we have cleaned out our medicine cabinets and have started replacing everything we can with oils – i personally have a reference guide that give an oil use for any illness you can think of – from warts to cancer. But best to leave the specifics for the class

If you are at all interested in integrating Essential Oils into your family life or just want to learn more about them then this is an online class that you do not want to miss. The class will take place online so your actual location does not matter- you only need to be on the internet. In order to receive an invite just PM me and I will “friend” you (if you aren’t my FB friend already) and I will send you the invite. It’s as simple as that. It is all taking place Sunday January 18th at 8pm Florence time… hope to see you there

Clinton Gene Healey-Magherini 

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