The IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival is held every four years under the auspices of the International Breast Cancer Paddler’s Commission. The Festival is an international non-competitive participatory event targeting Breast Cancer Survivors teams who engage in Dragon Boat activities as post-operative rehabilitation. In order to support FIRENZE IN ROSA Onlus and make this event successful, we need your help!

Family-Friendly Dining in Florence

Prior to becoming a mother - when the hours outside of my workday were blissfully free of responsibility - exploring the local restaurant scene was one of my favorite ways to experience Florence. There was never any shortage of places, both old and new, where I could connect with friends on the weekend or unwind … Continue reading Family-Friendly Dining in Florence

Our different Groups of FMs4Ms Network

Our many Meetup groups that have been offered for years. Most are done by email through the sign up list and some posted on our facebook page and discussion group. Through these meetings it is great way to meet some other moms and have your children meet other children. Our Meetup group: Mom's Mingles other … Continue reading Our different Groups of FMs4Ms Network

Tiramisu: The way I like it!

There are many Tiramisu recipes out there. It ranges from cake like to pudding texture, very chocolaty to alcoholic. Well, I am big on the pudding-like texture with a touch of chocolate and a splash of Vin Santo. Ingredients: bag of Lady finger cookies 1 cup coffee/espresso cooled (you can use decaf) 1/4 cup Vin … Continue reading Tiramisu: The way I like it!

Please donate to keep this Network

This is the monthly reminder that the FMs4Ms Network needs your help in donations to continue this network that was set up in 2004 to help expat moms in their move to Italy. Thank you to the few moms that have donated to give us 100 euro which has helped to keep a few things … Continue reading Please donate to keep this Network

Summer Camp registrations end the beginning of May for most places

Take a look at the summer camps I just posted on the Facebook page. Many of the camps deadline for registration is the beginning of May. I hope you have already been looking. If you know of other camps for the summer that I didn't post please comment on the page under this post. Thanks. … Continue reading Summer Camp registrations end the beginning of May for most places

Please Help Support the FMs4Ms Network

I feel this Network is an asset for the many moms and their families moving here to live in Firenze and the surrounding areas. Which is why I am asking for your help to keep all this alive. A small donation could go a long way.