We Would Like to Read Your Ex-pat Story

Logo FMs4Ms2016As some of you may know in the past, we have interviewed many moms about their experiences as ex-pats.

Living an ex-pat life, being pregnant, and giving birth are unique experiences we could all learn from and relate to. We would like to read more of your stories, your experiences, your fears, and your expectations. Moving to a different country and starting a new life, although exciting, can be scary and the process of integration can be slow and excruciating at times. Other times the process is fast and problem-free.  We want to hear your story.

We will do a separate section to focus on birth stories because each woman has a distinctive memory about the moment when they gave life to a new human being and reading those stories would help and inspire other “mothers to be”.   These stories will help pregnant moms compare and understand the different hospital environments in and around Firenze and fill with joy and melancholy the ones who already experienced the birth of their child here.

We would like to explore these distinctive threads (living as an ex-pat, pregnancy, and birth stories) that whilst seemingly different, trigger situations and feelings unlike others, and by sharing them we could help others understand they are not alone, offering the support they need to move forward. 

If you would like to take part in the project. Please fill out this form and we will contact you very soon:

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