English Masses for Easter

Palm Sunday is this weekend, and as Catholics and Christians, this is the procession of Jesus walking to Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week with the final week before the end of Lent. The Last Supper is the last meal of Jesus with his apostles in Jerusalem, which took place on Thursday (Holy Thursday) before his nailing to the cross. The crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday is where Jesus dies for our sins to rise again on Easter. I want to share the local masses in English where you can go and celebrate these religious holidays and meet some new people.

Mosaico Church : We are an evangelical church in Florence made up of a diverse group of people with a common identity in the Gospel. Gatherings in English and Italian.

Join Mosaico Church on Palm Sunday and Easter as we worship a Risen Savior! Sundays at 11am Location: Spazio Alfieri Via Dell’Ulivo, 8.

Santi Apostoli : We are a Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence. We have Mass, University Student Groups, Marriages, Adult Faith Formation, and Catechism Classes conducted in English.

Join Santi Apostoli on Palm Sunday and Easter for worshiping the Holy Week. Sunday at 10:30 Location: Piazza Limbo 1, Firenze

St. James : We are an Anglican Church in Florence. We have English Mass, Music and the Chancel Choir, St. James Food Bank, Study Abroad Students, Thrift Shop, Alcoholics Anonymous in English, Adult Lending Library, and host the Children’s Lending Library,

Join St. James on Palm Sunday and Easter for worshiping the Holy Week. Sunday at 11:00 Location: Via B. Rucellai, 9 Firenze

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