It has been a long time coming

Hi Moms, I am updating our blog, which is very outdated. 2017 seems to be the last time I worked on the blog. If you have any events (even for your business that are mom and children-related events) that you would like me to post, please send them to me. I am also interested in any articles you think would be helpful for us to publish. Just contact me and let me know. If any volunteer writers are interested in writing some blog posts or pages to get themselves started in copywriting, message me. I am always searching for some volunteer help for this Network.

Kimberly Vanzi (Founder)

4 responses to “It has been a long time coming”

  1. Brava! Thank you. I’m not living in Firenze at this time but hopefully again soon. I do shoot film there still so I’m there every year so let me know if your interested in any production or anyone you know. I shoot fiction and also marketing videos. Working in Paris now and the. Back to US

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