Looking for a babysitter?

Most of you know, from my past posts, that I do not posts from individuals saying they can babysit.  I do not know these people and can not vouch for them, so I do not post them on the site.

A mom in the FMs4Ms Network has taken to creating a business for babysitters.  The babysitters from this company are screened before you hire them.  The company’s motto is that you can book an experienced babysitter in your native language or language of your choice. The company is called International Babysitters.

One important note is that I personally have not used this company, my children are in their teens. The important fact that the company claims to screen and the babysitters are experienced gives me the confidence to post this post.  The reviews are positive as well.

For the Month of February, International Babysitters are giving members of FMs4Ms a 20% discount. You need to mention the code when booking.


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