What to do with your children’s drawings

wp_20161006_11_20_50_pro-2Children love to draw; there is no doubt about that.  The amount of drawings can become overwhelming.  Possibly the outside of your refrigerator is filled, possibly even your walls.  Your children love all their drawings. So what to do?  I am going to post some possible solutions for you.

The easiest thing to do nowadays is go through the pictures and select a few to keep and photograph the rest.  The photos are used in many of the suggestions below.

A simple suggestion is to put in a picture frame the drawings.  You can put many drawings in the frame one behind the other on each week or day whichever you both decide, you have your child switch the pictures.  Digital frames is another great way to display those adorable drawings. You just put the snap shot of the drawings on the digital frame where it automatically rotates through them. wp_20161006_11_20_39_pro-2

Creating a scrapbook where you can use the picture itself or even photographs of them. This is a great project for you to sit with your child. You would be creating a wonderful book that they can look at when they are older.

Having your child use their drawings as wrapping paper for gifts for the family.  Just a side note: if your child is very sensitive to their picture being destroyed, when the paper is ripped off the gift, stay away from this idea.

String a clothesline across their bedroom at their height and put clothespins on it for them to hang their pictures and rotate when they want.

This site, which came out not to long ago, which I love is to have your child’s drawings on clothes.  They do ship to Italy. The site is called Picture this Clothing.  Basically, your child would design their dress or t-shirt.  It is a great way to display their favorite drawing.

What to do with those extra drawings that are not on display? Putting them in Plastic Bin.  I did this one when my children were older.  Each child would have a bin and would put their drawings in them.  When the bin gets full, you and your child would go through and remove one they did not need anymore and put in the ones they wanted to store.  This helps the child also realize that not everything can be kept and to decide which is really their favorite drawing or craft they really want to keep.  With younger children, you might need to weed out the ones that they really are not really attached to and put those in paper recycle outside the house.  Most likely, they will not remember those and will not even know they are gone.

I hope this helps in clearing up some of those lovely drawings that your children are making and help to get rid of the clutter they can happen with the accumulation of them.  If you have any other great suggestions just comment below.

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