You can book CUP appointments online

Servizio Sanitario Regionale CardI just went through figuring out how to book my CUP appointments online. It is easy with the card reader and an email to get your username and password. I am also able to pick up my laboratory results online as well. Finally, the health system is getting somewhere on eliminating those long waits on the phone to book an appointment.  I will post in a page soon the procedure you need to do to get this going.

The only thing I question is there seem to me a small number of doctors that have available appointments in this online booking. I thought it would run more like booking an airline flight. All options there to choose from. I was getting two to three doctors to choose from in only These doctors were not located at familiar hospital or center either.  You are also only given a month time period the current month but no other months.  Anyone know about this? Are these doctors, good doctors, or just the ones left over from calling to book?

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