English Speaking Babysitters

I am writing this quick note to mention that our Network is not a babysitting service and we do not organize or give out names for babysitters.   We do not offer this because we are not qualified to screen those saying they want to babysit and for the safety of your child we will not take on that responsibility.  So please do not email asking if we know of an English speaking Babysitter.

3 responses to “English Speaking Babysitters”

  1. I totally agree! safe and safety first ,but i can also see ,that is a huge need for a babysitters,nannies and English teacher in Florence.Would be great to be able to reach the parents who are searching for help.Any chance to do it on Firenzemoms4moms ? Would be great to help eachother !

    • In the discussion group of expats (which is open only to those that register to the club with the sign up form), the moms share their own experiences and offer suggestions as in offering up their babysitter (not always speaking English). Even then there have been safety issues that have arisen. There are places that offer babysitting services such as http://www.firenzebabysitter.it I have not used them, but there are services out there that take on that responsibility. So no we will not take that on. As far as posting job openings for teachers we still do post those. It is responsibility of the school to screen the person they are hiring.

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