March 8 is National Women’s Day

FMimosa flowersesta della Donna is the name of the Day.  This is where I thought that men would treat women with respect.  It used to be when they gave mimosa flowers.  Mimosa flowers come from a tree and they are a brilliant color of yellow. Usually they have the museums for free for women.  So I decided to check on this and when searching I got this site (Festa della Donna Firenze 2015) and thinking it would show me all the events for the Festa della Donna 2015 it instead it shows a bunch of events with strippers.  Okay now I like a nice looking guy and I am far from a feminist but I really feel this is far from what the day is supposed to be about.  For once I agree with our feminist mom in the group Michelle Tarnopolsky.

Do we really still need to celebrate Festa della Donna? – Maple Leaf Mamma by Michelle Tarnopolsky  “The most common way for women to celebrate in Italy is by going out for a night on the town just with their girlfriends. No men allowed – unless you count the ones, say, performing a strip tease.”

Websites like “Festa della Donna 2015” should really be taken down.  Anyway, the museums are open for the women and there are other events you could go to.  Some for supporting battered women like the Women Supporting Women Event.

There are many other activities around town which you can find here on this site: „Musei, mercatini, mostre e teatri. Festa della Donna: tutti gli eventi“   from FIRENZETODAY

Ladies whatever you do tomorrow I hope you have an enjoyable day being a women and proud of it.

Happy Women’s Day

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