Ladies be careful

Purse TheivesLadies be careful! I had my bag snatched from under my seat in a popular cafe near the station today. Luckily another girl realized what was going on and yelled at them so they dropped it and ran but it was a near miss. The staff told me it happens all the time in there. My daughter has also been pick-pocketed twice in the area around the station. I know this kind of thing happens in all big cities but I’m always really careful and it still happened to me!! Be on your guard and stay safe!

A description of the men is:  One older guy…short with glasses and one taller guy with a blue rucksack. Filipinos posing as tourists. One purposely dropped his glasses and when I didn’t pick them up (I was holding my friend’s baby at the time) he distracted me by asking directions to “Santa Maria”. In the meantime the other guy put his arm under the back of my chair and snatched my bag.

You need to be aware of your surroundings and where your purse is located.  They used the fact I had a baby in my arms to do this ruse.  There have been a few more incidents with an old couple and another friend.  All within the same area of Santa Maria Novella and shops in that area.  by Anonymous

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