What do you do with your children?

I am wondering what you do with your children when school is out and you have to work. 

work children

summerI know a few things moms do here.  Some send to Nonni (Grandparents).  Some send to Summer camps/schools.  Some take off work using vacation time and other times they can use.  But what do you do? Comment below and let us know what you do.  This is a tough situation for many with children and of course need to work.

One response to “What do you do with your children?”

  1. Yes, this is a tough one for non Italian parents with no grand parents and a house on sea side…
    When I used to work, we used a combination of summer camp ( 2 weeks) babysitter ( 2 weeks )
    My mom ( 3 weeks ) and we took our holiday in august. But this was a very expensive solution that we could “afford” only when I was working.
    Now I’m home so we will find fun activities to do until we go on holiday. No summer camp this year as the budget is tight !!

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