Best Ice Cream in Firenze

Today was a nice day to be out with my son in the Firenze Center. We toured some churches and ate some great pizza. Since it is a hot day in autumn, of course we had to go get some gelato (ice cream). My son mentioned a new place, at least to me, that has artigianale ice cream. All natural ingredients and the best vanilla ice cream in Italy.

Matteo Leonardo icecreamb
Yes, I focus on vanilla, because I have tasted vanilla ice cream all over Italy and cannot find the right taste. Many places claim to have the best and always disappoint me. You will find some with an eggy taste, some with the taste of vanilla extract. This was just perfect white, creamy, vanilla bean taste. I name this place to have the best vanilla ice cream.

Leonardo ice cream001
The name is Le Botteghe di Leonardo. It is off the beaten touristic path located on Via De’ Ginori 21/r. Of course, he has many other flavors  and I even got the “hard to find” Lampone (raspberry) with my vanilla. You must check them out.

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