JT Cafe: Great meeting place for Moms with small children

Claires Zurek Post3Moms,
Claires Zurek PostI would like to make you aware of a new cafe that has opened. Some of you probably know of it already, while perhaps others do not know. It’s called JT Cafe and it’s nearly smack in front of Pitti Palace. It’s owned and operated by Casini’s Jennifer Tatanelli and her husband, Guilio (their leather/purse/clothing store is right next door).
I spoke to Jennifer today about whether she would welcome Moms and small children to congregate in the back where there are sofas and tables. She said, “Yes, absolutely!” So, please consider this cafe family friendly.
They serve coffees, spirits, bagels, muffins, cupcakes, gelato, etc. They have various panini ready-to-eat in the front counter, but they also have a full kitchen in the back such that you could order a panini or bagel sandwich as you prefer it.
Jennifer said she will give the FM’s4M’s 10% off their bill. You MUST mention the group name when you sit down and order (and definitely at check-out).
I know some of you with younger children (who are not yet in school) go to Mama’s to meet up and relax sometimes. I thought perhaps you’d like an alternative to mix things up. It’s a happy location. Jennifer has been working hard to taste-test various things she serves. She focuses on quality. In fact, she sent me home today with two muffins and asked me to taste-test them. They were super moist and tasty! One was a pomegranate muffin; the other dark chocolate. Delicious…and I’m not even a true muffin type of gal.
I’m attaching a few photos.
Claire Zurek

Claires Zurek Post2


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