Art exhibition of the series Fairytale Dreams

Art exhibition of the series Fairytale Dreams

by the artist Catalina Tranquillo (one of our Moms)

Catalina Tranquillo is truly a very talented artist. She is able to capture the dreams of Fairy-tales on canvas with such brightness and vividness of story. Just looking at her painting you can see she is able to capture the whole story. These pictures make you want to just dive in there and join the characters in their never-ending childhood tales.

cat picture

Cat flyer
cat picture2 “Vivid dreams and the belief in mystery and magic start in childhood, inspired by fairytales and stories retold around the world. The series “Fairytale Dreams” takes us back to childhood, reminding us of our dreams.”

 May 23 to May 31, Starts at 6:00pm at 166A Via Cavour, 166A Studio D’Arte!




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