Recommended Schools with Open Days

schoolIstituto Comprensivo Puccini  

TEL. 055 6801385 / FAX 055 680423

Has an open day check the pdf file open day pupccini

Scuola dell’infanzia “Alda Mazzini” (for materna) and micro-nido “Nazareth”

Piazza Santa Maria del Pignone, 4 Firenze
Tel: 055 2337861

open day on thurs 23/1 at 16… it’s a very reasonable priced private school by the Santa Rosa park.. many of us Elizathbeth Gargani, Nina Bernheim go there and Adrienne Aeroboe and Florina ricasoli all went too… the small nido has about 12 children and 3 teachers… highly recommend! it’s run by the convent nuns. by Daisy Diaz Gandolfi Vannini

Scuola Primaria Paritaria “Milite Ignoti”

Viale Europa, 206 – 50126 Firenze
Tel. 055 6821525 – Fax: 055.6533703

Open Day, January 25th, 9:30 – 12:30.


doesn’t have any open day, but it is possible to visit the school any day in the morning with an appointment. is rich with all necessary info, address, phone numbers etc. They have also placed a nice brochure on Scribd. Link is available on the webpage of the school. The deadline for registration is the same as for the public schools for people applying from outside, before Xmas for people that have their kids already at Kindergarten. by Yasemin Yalcinkaya

Scuola per l’infanzia e Asilo nido MARGHERITA FASOLO

via Cambray Digny, 5/a – Firenze
tel. e fax 055/6594828

Scuola Margherita Fasolo, they have a maximum of 18 kids per class in the materna and 2 teachers all day, and most of the time with 1 or 2 extra teacher’s assistants. They have an asilo nido and a scuola materna and the nice thing that I only recently discovered is that the teacher that they have in the last year of the asilo nido carries on with the same group of kids into the first year of materna, we only started at first year of scuola materna, but for anyone looking for an asilo nido and then to make a smooth transition with a familiar teacher into the first year of scuola materna it is nice. They had their open day in November but I believe they will have another in spring, you can enroll already for next year. by Kim Sullivan

Serristori Scuola Materna

Via San Niccolò 93-50125


Open Day : January 29 at 4:30pm

2 responses to “Recommended Schools with Open Days”

  1. Hi, can anyone give more information about the bilingual pre-school from Kindergarten. It would be great to hear a parents’ view

    • Hi Soe, I’d be happy to give my point of view on things, but please contact me via Kim Vanzi who can send you my email and/or phone number.

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