Materne Questions: Mom’s Question

Hello, I am a mum of 3 years old boy ( in October ). Until last May we were leaving in UK ( Surrey), we are now in Forli and, at the end of September, back to Florence which is my city. Alex ( my boy) is bilingual and I really would like him keeping like that, my english is clearly not perfect and his father is coming to visit him when he can. When I left Florence I didn’t have a child so I don’t have any experience of “materne” or voucher (if any), a part the info that I’ve got from internet or your pages. I would like to find a private school, affordable, where my child can speak and have english friends, kindergarten? is that good? Il koala? Any help would be really great. Barbara Benedetti

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  1. Ciao, we are looking into sending our child to Kindergarten as well, it would be great to have contact to parents whose kids are already there. Could someone give advice to us?

    • Hello Soe,
      Alex last October has started at Kindergarten, international section. I am very happy, atmosphere is cosy but stimulant, lots art! Time table quite wide from 8am to 5.45pm. Class smaller than other school, many activities and the food is well combined. In this section kids have two teachers, one italian and one american, but they also have monolanguage inglese (100%) or italiano (100%) too. I am satisfy over all. Hopefully this can be of any help! Barbara

  2. Virginia, It looks very nice canadian island, may be a bit far as I will be via pistoiese area, I will visit them in any case… Nancy I saw the bilingual program adv on kindergarten website looks promising and I will visit them too, it is also more close then canadian island … many thanks for your help! Barbara

  3. Dear Barbara,

    I am American and my husband is Italian. We have a 3 year old girl and she is completely bilingual. We have started her at the Kindergarten materna this year. This is only her second day, however I am very impressed so far. I have also been given a lot of great feedback by other American moms who send their kids there. This year, they have started a bilingual program where they speak 50% in Italian and 50% in English which I liked a lot. The price is not cheap, but a lot less than the International School. Good luck.


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