Waldorf – Steiner School Firenze

steiner school

Steiner Materna school in Via Bovio, there is another larger Waldorf – Steiner school at Pozzolatico called Il Liceo dei Colli now- it will move there in September it used to be in San Casciano, and will now go from Materna right through to liceo ( high school).   The school has an interview with every parent before a child starts so that they can get to know the child as much as possible. They have a gradual inserimento, like at Asilo nido, with the Mum (or Dad) involved for as long as needed, half day only the kids go home after lunch.  And about 14 kids to 2 teachers.   They have a very particular method so best to do some full reading on that.  They really believe in letting kids be kids and not over intellectualizing them at a young age, art and creative development plays a big part and they have a  lot of love and care into everything.

It isn’t the most expensive private school out there they try to keep fees as low as possible so that it can be more accessible to everyone. But of course it does cost! It costs for Materna €310 a month and €30-40 euro for meals a month, which are all biological . The fact that they are a small school trying to save money on expenses in order to keep fees low means they ask for support from the parents for various organizational things.  It is possible at the bigger school at Pozzolatico it is different.

Here are the two links to both the schools:

Giardino d’infanzia waldorf Firenze

Il Liceo dei Colli

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  1. We are an American family living in Florence now through December. We had planned to send our three children to the pozzolatico location but are trying to see if the younger two (ages 3 and 5) can go to the Via Bovio location. We have had a hard time getting information. Do you know if the via bovio location has spaces available immediately?

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