Sometimes you just have to cry

Being an expat can be really a trail on us.  You have to adapt to a new life, in a new land, with new culture differences.  Sometimes you just have to let it out and cry.  This expat puts it well:

“Last week I was on the phone with a vendor cryingnegotiating some details of a contract and we disagreed about the conditions in one of the clauses.  The conversation was getting heated, though remained—I thought—cordial, until out of the blue the vendor announced he felt under attack, wasn’t used to clients treating him this way, and that I should take my business elsewhere.  At which point I very professionally began to sob.  With him on the phone.  Mortifying, wracking, nose-blowing sobbing.”

Read the whole story here:  Crybaby: The Expat Tantrum

2 responses to “Sometimes you just have to cry”

  1. One more thing… Just realized I should also suggest checking out the #Expat Partner Online Coffee resources in case you haven’t already found it.
    A fun group of 146 members (mostly women, but some men too), expats and spouses, from around the world, some in Italy/some from Italy.
    In addition, Judy Rickatson (@wifeinasuitcase) writes #Expatriate Life and is a volunteer for Families in Global Transition (

    These are also on the Expat Links page of Life Lessons ( along with others. Hope some of these resources will be of interest for your community as well. I figure, the more we share the better! I look forward to reading more of your posts soon. Thanks again. Ciao!
    Jonelle Hilleary

  2. Many thanks for including Life Lessons ( in your related articles. I am honored to be among your resources. I do hope you enjoy the posts you find there. You’re so right about being and expat and having trials… some days more than others, but still, many adjustments. Thanks for introducing me to your group too!

    If I can recommend another blog that I have been following and enjoying- I think your readers might also. @margo_lestz ( Margo was in Firenze learning Italian and has just moved to Nice with her husband, Jeff. Check out her posts, artwork and resources, I think you’ll enjoy them.

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