Motorcycles and Motor-scooters: Children Safety

scooterWe see it all the time a child riding on motorcycle or motor-scooter on the way to school.  I always wonder if it is safe or legal for that matter.  Well the law here says that they can ride on the motorcycle at 5 years of age and up (articolo 170 del Codice della Strada)

Here is a translation of this article 170

Article 170 – Transport of people, animals and objects on two-wheel motor vehicles

1. On motorcycles and mopeds (scooters) with two wheels, the driver must have free use of the arms, hands and legs, must sit in the correct position and must hold the handlebars with both hands or with one hand in case of need for appropriate maneuvers or reports. Should not lift the front wheel.

1-bis. On vehicles referred to in paragraph 1 shall not transport a child under five years.

2. On mopeds are prohibited for transport of persons other than the driver, except that the place for the passenger is expressly stated in the certificate and that the driver is over the age of eighteen years. A regulation issued by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport have established how and when to upgrade, for purposes of this paragraph, the certificate of registration of mopeds approved before the date of entry into force of the law converting Decree Law of 27 June 2003, n. 151.

3. On vehicles referred to in paragraph 1, any passenger must be seated in a stable and balanced in the position determined by the special equipment of the vehicle.

4. And ‘forbidden to drivers of vehicles referred to in paragraph 1 to tow or be towed by other vehicles.

5. On vehicles referred to in paragraph 1 shall not carry anything that is not firmly secured, which protrude laterally or longitudinally to the axis of the vehicle with respect to the shape of it more than fifty centimeters or to prevent or limit the visibility of the driver. Within these limits, is permitted provided that the transport of animals kept in a special cage or container.

6. Anyone who violates the provisions of this Article shall be subject to administrative sanction for payment of a sum of € 76.00 to € 306.00.

6-bis. Anyone who violates the provisions of paragraph 1-bis shall be subject to administrative sanction for payment of a sum of € 152.00 to € 608.00.

7. For violations provided for in paragraph 1 and, if committed by a minor driver, in paragraph 2, the administrative fine follows the vehicle impounded for sixty days, in accordance with Chapter I, Section II, Title VI, when in the course of a two-year period, with a moped or a motorcycle has been committed for at least two times, one of the offenses referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, the impounded vehicle is placed for ninety days.

After reading that, though very confusing about the rules since they do overlap, I would think you would not want to be putting your child under 5 years on a motorcycle or scooter to transport them to school.  I personally would be hesitant to put a child even over 5 on one, but if you really have to in this article (  Bambini in moto, una guida su come trasportarli in tutta sicurezza- in Italian) there are some important points you should consider for child safety.

Here are the main precautions should you decide to have your 5 or old child with you:

  • Have the child sit still in the passenger seat, behind the driver,
  • Always make sure that the child is able to remain in the correct position and does not fall asleep
  • Is able to absorb” the inevitable movements sudden and unexpected
  • Wear the appropriate protection
  • Avoid, if possible, particularly busy or dangerous streets
  • Always keep at a constant moderate speed
  • Never have the child sit in front of  you or even standing, even if you think you can keep under control the child

Another article on Motorcycle safety again in Italian is Il trasporto dei bambini sulla moto, normativa e consigli per una guida sicura

If you do decide to ride with your child, all I can say is please be safe. 

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