With spring comes the tiger mosquito, here are the tips to fight it

Back to the good weather, but the heat also return tiger mosquitoes. Insects extremely annoying and increasingly intrusive, but they can be fought with a few simple rules to prevent even a small saucer on the terrace can be transformed into an outbreak with thousands of larvae ready to grow and sting. To raise awareness and spread the behaviors mosquito’, this year the City of Florence promotes an awareness campaign to citizenship, with thousands of brochures that will be distributed on Monday in all public places such as schools, libraries, offices of neighborhoods, senior centers, principals Asl, will also be organized local initiatives, such as that provided Saturday, May 4, when a stand on combating mosquito will be set up in the square of the Republic Mercatale il mercato della filiera corta, in collaboration with Quadrifoglio. Here are tips to follow to avoid the birth and development of larvae: remove saucers and moderate watering, prevent stagnation of rain water on the ground and other objects lying outdoors; periodically verify that the gutters and drains not obstructed, do not leave open containers that can collect water (jars, pet bowls, inflatable swimming pools, children’s games, tires) and keep the watering canpails, buckets, tanks and tubs with tight lids, covers well with mosquito nets. These preventive measures are also useful to fight the common mosquitoes, which have a life cycle similar to the tiger.  Adapted from the Italian version via “Con la primavera arriva la zanzara tigre, ecco i consigli per combatterla”. For information about prevention Zanzara tigre – prevenzione

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