Recycling Firenze: Ecostation



Tel. 055 – 7339396


Contact for pick up or where to drop off

Municipal waste non-hazardous
• Paper and cardboard
• Wood wastes
• Ferrous materials
• Household appliances white
• Electronic equipment
• Plastic wastes
• Used tires
• Vegetable oils
• Used clothing
• mowing and pruning
• Aggregates (up to 500 kg per year)
• Glass
• Computers and printers

Hazardous urban waste

• Refrigerators, freezers
• Air conditioners, air conditioners
• Monitor and TV (CRT, plasma, LCD)
• Batteries and accumulators
• Batteries Car
• Expired Medications
• Mineral oils
• Containers with residues of dangerous substances
• Contents of pressurized containers (spray)
• Neon tubes

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