English-speaking activities for 3 year old

Hello hope you are all well. I am looking for some info for my daughter who will be 3 in August: do you know of any english-speaking activities for her/that we can do together after she finishes asilo nido at 4pm weekdays or any time at weekends? Also she will be free all of July – any suggestions for entertainment, again as much in english as possible as she only gets it from me! For now I have explored Helen Doron, Tropos swimming lessons etc – any info would be of great help and no doubt a ‘how to survive the summer with kids in Florence’ post will be useful all round! Grazie tanto, Betty

2 responses to “English-speaking activities for 3 year old”

  1. Hi Betty: I’m the mother of a boy who will be 3 in December. It’d be great to meet and have them pllay together. Where are youu located? We live North of Florence, in Campi Bisenzio. Youu can come to ours if ou’d like or we can meet in town. E.mail me at annalisa.ciampi@unifi.it.
    Hope to hear form you soon.

  2. Hi Betty,

    Why don’t you email me at ingleseforyou@yahoo.com. I organize English activities but it is mostly during the school year – in summer I do a camp for older kids and then plan to go away. But I can give you an idea of what’s going on. Are you looking for things you can do together or things she can do in English without you so that she gets exposure to other people speaking English?

    Anyway, write me!


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