Look at your food packaging: consumo moderato


Consumo moderato or in English for moderate consumption. 

This is the label that COOP has been putting on foods to alert you that it is unhealthy if your child is to eat many of them.  I like this and though I know COOP grocery stores do it I hope the other do this as well. It is  a great indicator to look for when buy product that your child will say I want that and know that it is a treat and should be eating very sparingly.

“For moderate consumption of food it is defined to the consumer as the amount and / or frequency which does not adversely affect the whole, creating a healthy and balanced diet and the proper growth of children.”

Translated from the website http://alimentazionebambini.e-coop.it/piramide-alimentare/ where you can find a whole article in Italian about this label.

The site also goes into showing a pyramid and and the amount of portions needed for the child.  This brings me back to what the correct size of a portion for children at different ages.

You can read more about portion control if you have not already in my earlier posts here:

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I like to shop at Coop and the other supermarkets might do this as well and let me know of they do.

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