Important Change in Italy

Have two different writings of your place of birth on your Italian Documents?  You are going to have some difficulties getting things done around here.


New Italian bureaucracy warning for the other unfortunate people who have to get an Italian driver’s license: I was supposed to take my final driving exam yesterday but (of course, at the last minute) was told I could not take the exam because of a document discrepancy–my birthplace is named differently on my carta soggiorno than on my carta d’identita (longish story, but essentially the Canadian version of having one document saying I was born in Manhattan and the other saying New York City). Until February 1, the motorizzazione accepted self-declarations saying that these two birthplaces were the same. But now they will only let me take the exam once all of my documents say the same thing. Another woman had the same problem. . .carta soggiorno said she was born in the Ukraine, c. id. also listed the city in the Ukraine where she was born. So make sure all of your Italian documents have exactly the same name, birthplace, etc. before you apply to take an Italian driving exam!- Mom Member

Seems that they are now being strict with your documents and having the right city posted and the same on all your documents. Maybe this has to do with the new Electronic Identity Card that will soon come out.    I know when I would get mine done they would have ‘North America’ on one and then ‘USA’ on another.  One mom has issues where they put ‘Dublin’ and on another the Irish name ‘Eire’.  I can see it now all the immigrants filing in to the offices to get their documents corrected. I do not see why they did not do this the first time around.  All my documents are the same in the US so they would have just been able to copy the information, would have made things easier.  My thoughts are this did  happen because the offices over here had many different computer systems or was done by hand and if the name was not on the list they went with the next best choice.  Now we all will have to go and make sure our documents all match up and probably better now than later.

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3 responses to “Important Change in Italy”

  1. I have applied to change my UK driving licence to an Italian one. At the moment I have two problems, the first, is trying to convince the Italian office that the UK on my licence stands for United Kingdom and not Ukraine. They seem to think my licence should have GB on it. Second, when I married, I hyphenated my wifes and my surname (oops) so my UK driving licence, does not match my passport or my UK identity card.

    Isn’t Italy fun.

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