June in Florence Daycare?

I will be in Florence for a month in June with my 1.5 yr old daughter and husband. We are coming from Santa Fe.

Do you know what we might do for occasional or more regular daycare?

7 responses to “June in Florence Daycare?”

  1. I would suggest you contact the Kindergarten ; they have two nurseries, and often take in foreign kids who are only here for a short period – space permitting. The quality of their daycare is very good, they have an outdoor space that is age appropriate. You could possibly leave your child have day, and keep her with you the other half. This would give you an opportunity to have some time with your child, some time for yourself, and allow your child to socialize and play with other kids her age. All their contact info is here :


  2. my daughter aurora is a very expert baby sitter she is 21 where will you be living in florence ??? my email is alessandra.inno@gmail.com i am sure that there are also different kindergarten in florence but i doubt thet you can go only for few times in a month
    if you need any other suggestions let me know

  3. I first came here when my boy was just over 2 y.o. One thing you will find about Italy is – Babies are Welcome Everywhere. No one will be annoyed with your baby, and everyone will dote on her. You will be offered extra help from perfect strangers; cookies will be allowed in the museums, and if you are still nursing, no one will even look at your cross eyed. In other words – you don’t really NEED daycare here to enjoy Italy with your baby!

    For moms who have to work, their are infant care centers – but for the most part, its not much done, and I honestly do not know of any organized private care for babies and infants.

    The BEST person to speak with is Caterina Cambi (who works for moms4moms I think) – and is available on FB!

    • For clarification Caterina Cambi has not worked for Firenze Moms 4 Moms. She is well known by the moms in the network. She does own and run a daycare called The Playgroup in Florence.

  4. I would get in touch with Canadian Island (www.canadianisland.it) or with Playgroup (www.playgroupfirenze.it). They are English speaking Preschools and they might help you.

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