Short Story: Does the way you park reflect your culture??

Does the way you park reflect your culture??


Maybe I was spoiled growing up in “Happy Valley”  but everyone there seems to park in the appropriate places and uncivil parking was never an issue that I thought much about. Of course, State College, Pennsylvania is a suburb and therefore, there is not a shortage of parking places but I don’t think that this is the only reason why residents respect each other.  I’ve noticed that Florentines have to park as close to their destination as possible even when there are large parking lots/garages nearby.  The amount of people who have to park on the pedestrian walks makes me think that people are very selfish. It’s hard enough pushing a stroller through the city and then have people block your passage while you are crossing the street but do they ever think about those in wheel chairs? I would hate to be handicapped in this city. I go to a large gym (Virgin) where there is plenty of parking for everyone. There are always cars parked along the driveway because the drivers are too lazy to park in the back parking lot where they would have to walk an extra 3 minutes to the gym entrance. I could understand if this was a hospital and people had mobility issues but ironically this in a place where people are going to get exercise. One day, I was leaving my parking garage to find a van blocking my exit. There is clearly a “Passo Carrabile” sign and a large electronic door but this did not stop a driver from parking illegally there. This person did not even leave on his 4-ways to signal that he was nearby.  I sat there with two kids in the car honking for 15 minutes until this person finally came back. (Thank god it wasn’t an emergency!) There was a crowd of people who verbally confronted him and he did not even have the courtesy to apologize to me. (Please note that we live 2 blocks from a large public parking garage that ends up being empty most days).  From these experiences, I tend to think that the way we park shows the type of person we are and reflects our culture. Do you think of others before yourself? Are you so self-centered that you can’t leave 5 minutes earlier in order to find real parking? Yes, Italians are very family-centered but they often tend to loose sight of the community as a whole.

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I am looking for stories to share with the moms.  Short stories about an incident you found interesting, funny, sad etc.  Something that is about the cultural differences you experience here while going about your daily lives. Submit them at

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2 responses to “Short Story: Does the way you park reflect your culture??”

  1. I totally agree! They park anywhere it’s convenient for them.
    The only problem is, where I live and where I usually go, there is zero parking places, all the parkings are full, all the time, and in then end, if I want to get out the car, I have to park illegally too sometimes ( of course not in front a passo carabile or handicapped spot) or very far away. And even sometimes the ” illegally acceptable” spots are all taken!
    Have you notice it’s exactly the same while waiting in line ? You always have somone who will try to get pass you.

  2. Good article, I totally agree that people have no regard for the community and just think of themselves. Parking is a great example and also letting your dog poop anywhere and everywhere and not cleaning it up.

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