Kids Eat Right – Portion Distortion

I found this website and really love this easy descriptions of the correct amounts to feed our child.  I for one along with my mother in law have major issues with “Portion Distortion” when it comes to feeding my pre teens.  I know the pasta size fits the bowl and that is just the primi (first dish).  I love this because it gives easy examples to follow without using a measuring cup and if you divide the plate up according to the helpful advice from and put all in their correct sections you will know your child is getting all the right amounts of daily food intake needed.  There is more helpful advice on there as well.  Check it out.

Healthy Foods for Preschoolers 2-6 Years pdf

Many More Printable Materials on Food For You and Your Children

Portion Distortion

by Jo Ellen Shield, MED RD LD and Mary Mullen, MS RD

Ages: Gradeschooler, Teen

Portion Distortion

When kids follow the MyPlate recommendations for daily servings, they are well on their way to healthy eating and a healthy weight. Unfortunately, many kids today seem to be suffering from “portion distortion.” When talking about what kids eat or drink, keep these definitions in mind:

via Kids Eat Right – Portion Distortion.

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