AILO Christmas Bazaar: Donations of Toys needed

The 2012 AILO Christmas Bazaar will be on December 8th from 10am to 5pm.  
The location is the same, in the Pagliere near Porta Romana, on Viale Machiavelli 24, Florence.

Toy Donations needed:

  1. New  or Clean/lightly used items
  2. Please no books unless they are new.
  3. Donations for infants up to age 12.

If anyone would like to donate AILO is happy to accept them.  If there are items given in boxes, PLEASE mark the boxes, ie: Toys, Hand Made, etc.

We accept donations, beginning from Thursday 18th October:

Monday: 10am-12pm
Thursday: 15pm – 17pm

You can drop off at the AILO clubhouse is at 23 Viale Gianotti, (map of the location) and the AILO name is on the bell. Parking is along the street(limited) and on at the circle within a stones throw.  There are many side streets right there and parking is not usually so complicated at all but it is not right out front unless one gets lucky.  Of course, it is possible to put on flashers to unload anything right on the Viale, as I have seen our own members do this.

We will also have collection barrels of some sort at the International School of Florence in both the Upper and Lower schools.  (Just in case any of the moms children are students there as others would not have access to the campuses).

Thanks for your help,

Karen Hobdell
Co-chair, AILO Toy Booth

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