Blogging Bootcamp – Florence, Italy

Blogging Bootcamp – Florence, Italy

Not for Beginner Bloggers only those that have background and want to improve their Knowledge!

We get tons of emails from folks in the US and Italy asking about blogging. From design to SEO to general tips and tricks, there is a lot that people want to know about having a successful travel blog. That’s why I decided to put together a one-day workshop here in Florence for bloggers…

Blogging Bootcamp is a 1-day workshop for current and aspiring bloggers interested in learning exciting and valuable new technological skills. You’ll leave the workshop full of ideas and confidence, as well as the practical skills you need to amplify your current blog or create a fantastic new one.

Over the course of the day you will learn the basics of CSS, layout and design, Photoshop, search engine optimization (SEO), and editorial planning — and the “big picture” of how these elements combine to create a successful blog.

More information about the workshop go to:

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