It’s summer…I am hot…Pools in Florence

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As I have lived in Florence for many years—and know that the average home does not have air conditioning—and the sea is at least an hour a way—I wanted to provide a little insight on how to keep cool these summer months.  So here it goes, pools in Florence.

1. Piscina Comunale Costoli

Viale Paoli

Tel. 0556236027

Cost Around 8 euro

From the station you take bus 17 direction Verga 2.  The pool is close to the stadium. I’ve been there twice, and as it is not a favourite of many people I know….I always liked it.  The only drawback is the swarms of summer camps that go there too!!!  I always go on my bike….so it’s a plus for me!

2. Piscina Comunale Bellarive

Lungarno Aldo Moro

Tel 055677521

From Santa Maria Novella bus 17 direction Cascine 05

I have never been to this one, but I hear they…

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