Toxic kids bubbles found

Toxic kids bubbles found Don’t buy any make them yourself.

English: Soap bubbles

Translated ” Soap bubbles for children, Made in China, no health certification and “real risk” to health. The NAS Carabinieri of Genoa and La Spezia Customs Agency seized 35 thousand cases after he had identified at the customs area of the maritime port of La Spezia, a container containing a large number of boxes of soap bubbles, lying at clearance, consisting of bottles containing a liquid preparation to produce the bubbles.

An examination of business records, the NAS and the military personnel of the Customs are satisfied that these toys (called “Bubble Ice Bullyng” and “Bubble Stik”), from the Republic of China and imported by a Florentine trader , lacked appropriate medical certificates attesting to their safety for the consumer, so we proceeded to the taking of official samples and the imposition of the blockade of customs products.”

(article in Italian)

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