Tutoring My Children Question

Quick question – we’re putting together a budget and I’m hoping you could offer a ballpark estimate of an in-home tutor for our girls. One will be (US) 7th grade and the other is 2nd grade. At least initially, we’re thinking of online education coupled with a tutor for the US-style academics, and then Italian language and culture lessons for all four of us. My wife and I can take language through work, but not the kids. So I suppose I am asking two questions: (1) how much might Italian language lessons for our daughters run; and (2) might you have an idea of the cost of a tutor to assist with the US styled curriculum for other subjects?

2 responses to “Tutoring My Children Question”

  1. are you in florence allready i live in town and at the moment my daughter is taking italian classes from a very nice teacher the name is afriana it you are interested send me and email alessandra.inno@gmail.com
    have a nice weekend

  2. Hi there. If you’d like to contact me directly at my email, ingleseforyou@yahoo.com, I can give you a better idea of some of what you are looking for. I founded and run an organization that offers English language courses and activities, primarily to children and teens but really to anyone of all ages, and have experience in tutoring children who are preparing to enter U.S. schools. If I can’t offer you exactly what you need, I can help you find it. Regards, Jonnel Licari

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