Don’t bother for Lunch with Il Panino Tondo

So here is my new disappointment.

I am in the blue section for ordering at Il Panino Tondo Firenze and I put in a simple order for a bagel with salmon and cream cheese, some fries and a donut.

I did this at 11:35 and asked for delivery of my order by 1:00 pm.

I was called and told they could not deliver until around 2:00 pm.

This is not the first time.

I canceled this order and will not be ordering from them again.

People order for lunch time not for after lunch time and they can not seem to deliver it until 2:00 or later.  So if you want your lunch late go ahead and order from them but if not do not even bother.

And Yes I used to promote them when they first started now I have to say the service has seemed to go down hill along with some of the quality.  I am not happy with them anymore.

3 responses to “Don’t bother for Lunch with Il Panino Tondo”

  1. Hello Kimberly,
    first of all we apologyse, we’re sorry for this misunderstanding, we are sorry that is happened to you.
    Lunch time is really busy and overbooked and there is lot of work and we can do wrong with someone to satisfy everybody.
    We really hope you can understand and we are sorry.

    Il Panino Tondo

    • This will be the 4th time I had ordered for lunch and I always get a call saying you can not deliver until 2. I live right over the bridge from your place so it is about 7 minutes by bike. If you can not deliver during lunch rush then you should not advertising saying that you can.

      • You’re right,
        but we also do what we we can, and we’re going to improve our kitchen to be much more quick…
        we’re growing, as well as a small business can…

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