Expats Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

“Impersonal Update — 15 Febbraio

When I was taking classes at Kennesaw State University, a few years ago, out of a deranged, self-inflicted desire to relive hell, one of the courses I took was Film Studies. In it, we watched Hitchcock films, including North by Northwest. There’s a scene in the movie where Cary Grant is in danger and stranded at a crossroads. He stands at an intersection in the country, and looks around for a clue for what to do next, wondering which direction to head, in search for a sign of any sort. But there was nothing to prompt him except the low sound of a gentle wind coming off the plains. He found himself utterly alone and bewildered. My professor told us this was an example of existentialism.

Encompassing all the ingredients that make up a big bowl of existential soup –absurdity, alienation, anxiety – Brian and I experienced our first voyage in non-profit healthcare.”  To read more

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