Recent Recommendations for Museums with interest to Children

Dear Firenze Moms,

Thank you for all the advice that is found on this web site.  My family is here for three months with our children (7 years and 5 years).     Since we only understand a tiny bit of Italian, we are always looking activities in English,     I wanted so share a couple of wonderful experiences we recently enjoyed and hope that readers will make more suggestions for us.     We are here until the end of March.   Grazie!  Best,  Audrey

1)  Museo di Palzazzo Vecchio
We had fun at two events presented in English.   The first was the “Turtle and the Sail. ”  We heard the story of the turtle and the sail, which is about how Duke Cosimo Medici learned to go fast and slow at the same time.   After the story our guide Marco led us through the piazza helping us find turtles with sails on the ceilings,  in the floor, and on the walls.  Some were covered in gold, others in created in tile and some painted.    The second program was the “Invitation at the Court.”   Stefano, our guide, led us through a secret passage to a room where we got to meet Duke Cosimo.   He graciously answered many questions from the children about life in the 15th century.   The best part was the children got to try on a few wonderful garments designed from this time period. The museum seems to have many more events available in English than listed on their website.   It is very useful to visit the information center behind the ticket window at the museum to find out about options and make reservations.   The guides were kind and gracious to families and patient with our sometimes silly children.

The attached picture is my daughter Allison, age 5, as a beautiful princess at the Palazzo Vecchio

2)  Museo Galileo  This web site is excellent.  Many interesting videos geared for a wide range of interests and ages

Experiental  Visit in English

Led by Karen, we saw fascinating science things.   It was a very cool change to see amazing instruments and anatomic models after many museums with paintings and sculptures.   The children were allowed to touch a few replicas of the museum’s scientific instruments.   Our guide helped us understand both the functions and historical importance behind some of the objects    My children were most excited by the demonstration of electricity.         As a mother, I was particularly fascinated by the anatomical models of obstetrics in the eighteenth century and different childbirth presentations.      There are incredible collections of maps, globes, scopes and much more.  We will be going back to learn more.
Next Tours:  Saturday Feb 18th  & Saturday April 7
Private Tours can be scheduled on request for a reasonable fee.

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