Home birth and resident question

Hi Moms,

I am new here and I’m interested in a home birth.  Has anyone done this and could give me advice?

Also as I’m not a resident yet (applying next week) not sure of how to proceed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2 responses to “Home birth and resident question”

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I just gave birth to my daughter 2 weeks ago at home and had an amazing experience thanks to my obstetricians. You can find out more info here (if you speak Italian) http://www.marsupioscuola.it/. If not, feel free to contact me and I can give you a lot more detailed info over the phone.
    Best wishes,
    Kimberly Virzi
    055 483 373

    One of the obstetricians is Gabriella and she speaks English. I can give you her number if you contact me directly.

  2. hi michelle,
    i was going to reply at length but my lil boy is now awake and making it hard to type!!. I was interested in home birthing too but in the end i gave birth at a birthing centre here called the margherita it was great….if you want to call me i can tell you more about my experience there.
    my number is 3930478548
    the steps towrds residency depends on where you are from ? i am australian so i can help you from my perspective
    chat soon


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